Focus on achieving your vision.

You know where you want to go. Your coach will not only help you get there, but then push beyond it to the next level.

No matter what your goals are, you'll get a highly-individualized experience with that will change your perspective in a powerful and lasting way, and that will set you up to achieve  greater results than you ever thought possible.

Almost any professional or workplace issue is on the table for discussion. Here are some of the challenges I've helped clients navigate: 

-Taking the next step in your career
-Achieving a better work/life balance
-Navigating office politics and interpersonal issues at the office
-Bringing out the best in your team to make them more productive and increase morale
-Coming into a management role for the first time, or managing a new team
-Advancing your priorities and initiatives 
-Dealing with narcissists, workplace bullies, or a toxic working environment.

Meet Your Coach

Karlyn Borysenko

I started Zen Workplace because I'm passionate about helping individuals to be happier and more effective in their professional lives. I'm an MBA, a PhD (ABD) in Organizational Psychology, and a certified DISC Trainer.

What People Say

"During a major transition in my life, Karlyn's coaching was exactly what I needed to keep myself focused and believing in myself. Karlyn's personalized approach helped me identify my biggest challenges. We were then able to break them into manageable chunks and devise weekly action plans to keep me moving forward in productive ways. She was my champion and my much needed reality check. Her insightful intelligence is consistent, trustworthy, and compassionate. I would recommend her to anyone, without hesitation!"

Tracy Corrigan, From The Inside Out Coaching

"Karlyn's ability to listen, her honesty and impactful questions led me to a major "aha" moment about my career vision and myself. The perspective I gained from our conversation helped me find the clarity and focus I need to move forward in areas that I had previously felt stuck and conflicted. Karlyn is a truly transformative coach and I'm so grateful for the guidance and insight she has shared with me."

Rebecca Stapley, Nazareth College

"Karlyn's energy is contagious - she clearly knows what she is talking about, and genuinely interested in improving teamwork efficiency and navigating politics in the workplace. She's honest, professional and entertaining. The methods and lessons I have learned from Karlyn have made a direct impact on my team, now a true Zen Workplace."

Conny Liegl, Cal Poly State University

"I took advantage of Karlyn's coaching and am so glad I did. She helped me talk through challenges I was having. Through this process I was able to identify the areas in which I felt the most concern. She also guided me through identifying actionable ways I can address them. What I appreciated most about the experience was how personalized it was. It was clear Karlyn wasn't using canned tips for me. She heard what I said, repeated it to make sure she understood, and personalized ideas for me. I felt listened to and supported. Her advice and validation has already paid off! She's great at what she does and I can't wait to work with her more in the future"

Lisa Catto, Western Oregon University


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